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FoldMeshFX is a tool for 3ds Max which allows you to create an animation of folding or unfolding an object. One of the key features of FoldMeshFX makes animation more realistic by adding polygon swing after unfolding.

Tutorials & User Manual

User manual here.


3ds Max 2010 - 2025


  • Fixed bug with animation if the "Auto Key Default Frame" option in preferences is off.
  • Fixed bug with rotation of polygons.
  • First version.

Known Issues & Workarounds

Issue: Error "The transformation matrix for object contains a zero scale in (x/y/z)" while rendering in Mental Ray or IRay.
Workaround: Bake the animation into the animated vertices using the Bake Animation tool, then you can render it without errors.

Support & Updates

Need support? Contact me via the contact form. To request the latest version, please include your order number.