RC Camera Mod


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RC Camera Mod is a modifier for 3ds Max that will help you control the visibility of specific objects for each camera individually.

Please note, currently not compatible with Batch Render.

Demo Version

Limitation of demo version:

  • Parameters cannot be saved in the scene file.
  • Not for commercial use.


3ds Max 9 - 2025


  • Added support for 3ds Max 2024.
  • Improved button "Pick". Now you can quickly add multiple objects while holding CTRL.
  • Fixed error when deleting objects from the list in 3ds Max 2017 and below.
  • Added multiple selection in the object list.
  • Added context menu in the object list, through which you can select and delete items by Selection Sets.
  • Fixed a bug with a switch (on / off) in the modifier stack.
  • First Version.

Support & Updates

Need support? Contact me via the contact form. To request the latest version, please include your order number.