Camera Resolution Mod

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Camera Resolution Mod is a modifier for 3ds Max which allows you to set the render resolution for each camera individually. You can also save modifier settings to custom presets, lock camera transforms and set the frame for the time slider.

Lite Version

Storing custom presets not available.


3ds Max 2010 - 2023


  • Added option "Move Time Slider".
  • Added renaming and updating of presets.
  • Fixed error "Attempt to access deleted modifier" when closing 3ds Max.
  • Added buttons for dividing / multiplying resolutions by 2.
  • Added button "Swap WH".
  • Added checkbox "Transform Lock".
  • Added option "Active Camera" in the update settings.
  • Fixed bug with the addition of presets in older versions of 3ds max.
  • Fixed bug where the resolution in the Render Setup window was not updated after changing the parameters or applying the preset.
  • Fixed bug with resolution setting when the aspect ratio is on.
  • First version.

Support & Updates

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